What is Agorà?

Agora is a symbol of the encounter between multidisciplinarity backgrounds collaborating on a Full-spectrum Resilience Framework.  The Agora method can span from People to Businesses, to Cities, to Countries, and more; defined as Subject Groups. The methodology is tailored by a group to produce actions which generate high-impact results that create cultural shift within the Group. Put simply, Agora analyzes the Group as a whole, accounts for its surroundings, synthesizes this information, and generates a Full-spectrum solution set to increase the resilience of the Group as a whole.

Our Background


The Global Problem

Businesses, Governments, and Organizations all over the world are faced with a rapidly changing operating environment and as the risks and threats change, the vast majority do not know how to cope. True resilience is holistic in nature and requires a behavioral shift within a given group to genuinely affect change. Current existing resilience models, based on climate or physical infrastructure of a group, do not address the group as a whole. These models are functional and do increase resilience in some aspects of a group, but do not move the group and its members towards a resilient culture. In short, it takes system and group wide resilience to adapt, and a robust approach to Resilience is necessary to save lives and save economies.

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The Desire for Change

Globally, groups of all sizes, regardless of structure, have realized that the world is changing in ways which we have never faced before. They are searching for methods that will make them stronger and better suited to not only survive, but thrive, now and into the future. The complexities faced by every group from the MSME to the Government Agency are endless and the solutions available are fragmented at best. Leaders and group members from organizations across the globe are searching for a more inclusive and comprehensive strategy to reduce impact from potential threats and major events, while solidifying their current position and priming their entity for growth. The desire is huge and absolute, now a methodology is needed to match this desire.

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The Agorà Method

Our unique Method goes directly to the Subject Group and its localized stakeholders to begin the 5-step implementation process that will result in an action-oriented roadmap towards resilience based on the current and future capabilities of the Subject Group. The actions include everything from, physical infrastructure to GIS layers and policy reform, while putting each individual member of the Subject Group into the equation of resilience culture. The goal is to use this behavioral shift towards resilient mentality, paired with complete technological solution sets and innovative research, to implement a group-wide shift in the present, while being primed to meet and exceed the challenges faced by that group in the future.

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