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Build Your Resilient World

Bridging Tailored Research, Implementation and Technologies

Our Services


Analysis, Auditing and Review

Expand your impact, improve your outcomes


Partnership Management

Let us build and manage the partnerships you need to succeed

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Integrated Project Management

Focus on your outcomes, Agora will handle the moving parts


Process Development & Deployment

You know your goals, let us make them consistent and repeatable


Impact Review & Reporting

Get the data you need to grow and succeed


We are here for you. At Agorà, we love sitting down with clients to get a feel for their operation, and help them identify gaps in their structural and operational resilience. Our goal is to help create a roadmap for our client's path going forward, towards a resilient "Subject Group". We utilize a combined approach that include: context focus research, business mentorship, supply chain optimization & redundancy, policy & sustainability analysis, Emergency Response Plans, Business Continuity Plans, and a variety of other services. 

Our Board of Advisors and Consultants have a deep and diverse background of operations and implementation experience within the International Institutions, Civil Society, NGOs, and Private Sector spaces. We will build a team that best complements the services you require to maximize efficiency, effectiveness, and overall impact. 



Our tailored approach is the differentiator. While there is no standardized resilience framework in any industry (yet) we have spent thousands of hours, driven by decades of experience in the most complex and highly-regulated industries, to derive a framework that can be applied to any "Subject Group". We work with the entity to begin at the community level and use our tailored, localized approach to custom build a strategy for maximum impact and system-wide sustainability. 

This is designed to be bottom-up, middle-across, and top-down all at once. We work diligently with our Subject Groups (agencies, entities, MSMEs, etc.) to establish a baseline in conjunction with research. This is taken, distilled, and a framework is built, then we work with the stakeholders to implement, test, and build a continuous quality assurance model for resilience. 


Research & Education

We believe education backed by innovative and tactical research is essential to capacity build towards resilience, what we affectionately call Resilience Building. We work with universities to develop formal curricula for a wide variety of program types, and develop our own training systems to educate business owners and current operators on how they can implement resilience in the structure in which they work. 

Regardless of the format, all of our educational systems are built with implementation and impact in mind. Our goal is to educate as many business owners and public administrators on how to implement resilience into their daily operations, allowing them to increase their efficiency while fortifying their organization with a resilience framework that works.

Our Strengths


innovative fact finding



a systematic approach



sustainably-resilient technology


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The team we have built has decades of operational experience in implementation of projects and systems across segments ranging from resilient architecture at atmospheric water generation. This team of advisors and contractors are brought in on a project by project basis to best fit our clients needs. As a baseline of common knowledge, our team has working experience with the most relevant approaches from the institutional community, alias Agenda 2030, PEA and Behavioural analysis, ICAO SMS and the Sendi Framework among others. This is so they can best serve the localized needs of our clients while connecting the implementation of framework and technology to international standards on behalf of the client. We are business owners, emergency managers, accident investigators, educators, and subject matter experts that have come together to form the AGORÀ of Resilience. 




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